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About Kasandra

Like most kids in the 90's, I grew up watching educational puppet programs like Zabomafoo, LambChops PlayAlong, and of course Mister Rodgers Neighborhood. It was not until 2019 would I pick up my first puppet, taught myself the art of ventriloquism by practicing hours in front of a mirror. I worked for several years as a educator for children on the autism spectrum and now I am a professional ventriloquist. Maybe you will see us at your local  Libraries, schools or church! 

My passion is to bring joy and spread love through this art. There is no rewarding feeling than seeing a child and a parent look at another and smile while watching my shows. Puppets have the power to connect us all! 


I simply love what I do! I am such a lucky girl and I count my lucky stars everyday that I get to wake up and do what I love everyday of my LIFE (spreading love, joy and creating memorable moments for my clients! that is)


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