About Kasandra


Like most kids in the 90's, I grew up watching educational puppet programs like Zabomafoo, LambChops PlayAlong, and of course Mister Rodgers Neighborhood. It was not until 2019 would I pick up my first puppet, and in doing so launched me into this incredible world of ventriloquism I found myself in. 

After receiving my degree in Wildlife Biology, I worked for the State of California for two years creating and performing educational interpretation programs for children. One day I was thinking of ways I can connect with kids when all of a sudden, I saw Shari Lewis's video with LambChop and they described how a chick hatches from an egg. I thought why do we not have any educational puppet shows like the ones I grew up on anymore? After watching that episode, I thought to myself: " I can do that! I can use puppets and ventriloquism to educate children" and with that thought in mind, I bought my first puppet: Peanut. Using only mirrors I taught myself the art of ventriloquism.


  I felt I was supposed to something bigger with my life that involved children and puppets so I began to create shows that revolved around subjects that I thought would be valuable to kids  such as the many ways of saying I love you and love your skin color.  I now create educational material that helps build children's self-esteem, learn about the importance of manners, regulating emotions, and how to overcome social problems between peers. 


Where can you see my work? 

Here is one video from California State Parks in Ports that I worked  in the interpretation team. I filmed, wrote the script  then filmed, directed, and edited videos for it to be used in  FlipGrid a virtual learning platform.