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Meet the Puppets


Peanut: The youngest in all the playhouse. Peanut is the most loving, sweet and kindest four year old you would ever meet. And loves to give big hugs!


Hometown: Nariobi, Kenya

Favorite food: Peanut Butter Ice Cream! 

Related to: Kenya. Peanut is very proud of his big brother. And one day wishes to be just as cool as his older brother Kenya. 

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Kenya:  Peanut's older brother, underneath his tough skin, he cares a lot for his younger sibling Peanut. 

Hobbies: Playing soccer, and skateboarding.

Siblings: Middle Brother to Peanut and Mona.    

Favorite color: Brown and Giraffes.

Favorite thing to talk about: Giraffes and science!

Madam Beverly:This polite Southern Belle loves to make you feel at home. She also loves manners and baking her mema's sweet potato sandwiches. 

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee ya'll

Favorite past time: Teach all the puppets of the Playhouse manners.

School: Elegant Etiquette Intermediate College with a Masters in Manners. 

Age: She will never say, (even Kasandra doesn't know.)


Mister Rogers:The Playhouse mail-man, being unable to speak isn't easy. But through Rogers, we all can learn to communicate in our own special ways.

Favorite past time: Writing his own personal letters to Mama Carrots and family back in Pittsburgh. 

Personality: A rabbit of very few words but very expressive.

Past time: Rogers loves to dance! Right now he is learning the floss. 

Favorite number: 3 ( because that's how many words there are in: 'I Love you'.

Doggo: The goofball of the Peanut's Playhouse, he loves his bone and has a habit of taking everything too literally.

Crush: Madam Beverly. 

Likes: Car rides, doggie toys, and his bones!

Secret talent: His saliva is sticky, (really good for gluing art projects!)

Favorite Holiday: National Dog Day!

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